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Your Hosts

Mark and Judith Woolley with 2 sons, Seth and Silas, spent 7 years working in Asia with WEC International. Their adventure continued as they returned to the UK in 2012 with an idea to somehow provide space and grace for other partners in mission.

Not a costly retreat house or a specialised counseling centre. Just a place to pause, breathe and perhaps chat or pray. It’s all some people need from time to time.

And if a worker perhaps felt overwhelmed by circumstances and needed to hide or heal over a longer period? Family, mission hq or sending church can all be so supportive but the Woolleys wondered if a suitable somewhere a little more removed might also be useful? Somewhere like Ergata?

Not quite sure how it could all happen, Mark and Judith just kept on praying and waiting and resisting the urge to get busy with something else. A wonderful provision later and, still with WEC, they now share their time between maintaining this space, walking the hills and volunteering for a local arts charity.