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Space and Grace

“Er gata?” : A Tibetan nomad greeting meaning something like “Has the way been hard? Are you weary?”

We realise that in both cross-cultural and local settings, partners in Christian Mission can face a range of strains and stresses. We’ve experienced plenty of them! Often a change of scene can be helpful. Occasionally, some time out is necessary.

On the borders of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, NW England, we offer an informal, supportive place of space and grace where workers in mission can rest, retreat or recover

This former guesthouse/B+B, Hazelwood Barn, has both separate spaces and communal areas. Staying alongside our small family, there’s plenty of room to withdraw but time to be together too.

En-suite rooms  –  Guest living room  –  Super-quiet garden room

Meals provided  –  Short or extended stays  –  Individuals + families welcome

A unique option:

  • Unpressured space to know God’s grace
  • Sensitive to the challenge of cross-cultural life and ministry.
  • A daily rhythm of prayer in place – you’re welcome to join us or not.
  • No formal programme or counseling but we do have various skills and helpful activities up our sleeve if requested.

It’s just that space and grace with food on the table and a listening ear if required.


We don’t charge – we’re not a business – but we gladly accept donations towards simply covering some costs.

When asked, we suggest a donation of around £15 per night for one adult. Any accompanying adults and teenagers 50%. Children even less.

If you’ve any questions or want to make an enquiry – just get in contact

Look forward to hearing from you

View or print our info flyer.