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Art at Ergata

If this interests you, just a few thoughts on the art side of things….

Jude is an experienced visual artist, who loves to hold a space where other’s creativity can come to the surface. She is flexible in what she offers here including basic drawing skills, collage, watercolour etc but she also enjoys the insight and healing that can flow as Holy Spirit works through her pre-prepared art exercises.

When asked, Jude is happy to share her thoughts on art, life, God and ministry. And she is always ready to explore how a guest’s creativity can play a life-giving role in their own ministry in mission.

The art Jude produces is an authentic response to how she walks with God. More can be seen on:

What previous guests say…

‘Just the suggestion by Jude of doing something creative was enough for me to pick up art materials for the first time in 30 years and this opened a door to my heart with God in such a special way.’

‘The Holy Spirit still speaks to me through the art I did with Jude 6 months ago.’

‘God softened my heart literally as I used simple collage to illustrate a massive area of sadness in my life. This resulted in so much joy.’